The King Dreams

by The Lesser Light Collective

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When light is sound... 24 musicians take you on a musical journey through the book of Daniel.


released August 15, 2016

Executive Producers: Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, David Kim, Paula Roeloffs, Mari-Carmen & Micah Gallego
Music Producers: Jennifer Jill Schwirzer & Lee G
Engineering Producer, Mixing, Narration & Scores: Delon Lawrence
Associate Engineering Producer: Chris Irrgang
Mastering: Reuben Cohen of Lurrsen Mastering
Narration Script: Jennifer Jill Schwirzer
Graphic Design: Andrew Carroll
Director of Photography: Krystal Irrgang
Studio Space & Lodging: Chris & Krystal Irrgang

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all rights reserved


The Lesser Light Collective Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When light is sound…A community of artists sharing God’s love through prophetic truth.

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Track Name: How Long?
“I know you’re asking today, how long will it take? It will not be long.”

“How long? Not long; no lie can live forever
How long? Not long; you will reap what you sow
Truth crushed to the earth will rise again, yes, sir.” (x4)

“How long? Not long; no lie can live forever
How long? Not long; you will reap what you sow
The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”
Track Name: Exiled!
In the third year of Jehoiakim and his pride
Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon came to fight
And he trapped us inside our walls till we could not hide
So now I’m looking behind to see my home for the very last time

Exiled! I’m exiled! I’m exiled!

Took the gold from our temple, from the house of our God to his god
Best of our young men, too, to train us all as his squires
So now we’re fearing our fathers are lost in a fog of fire

Exiled! We’re exiled! We’re exiled!
Track Name: Boys in Babylon
Daniel, Daniel, what’s cool? I serve God in Babylon
Daniel, Daniel, you fool! We serve God in Babylon

All the boys in Babylon, and none were playin’ hooky
Ashpenaz chose them ‘cuz they were all good-looking
All of them remembering their mothers’ good cooking
As they thought about the food and wine the Babylonians ate

Daniel made his mind up he would not defile his body
Seeking out permission from the chief who thought it odd, he
Said, “I could lose my head,” but Daniel said, “Then you can watch me!”
And he asked for ten days with only veggies on his plate

Trial soon over, and they made evaluation
Daniel and his band would represent the Hebrew nation
Judges all agreed they made a fine representation
They were handsomer and smarter than the other boys at school

Think about this story now and let it be a learning
You think rejection’s coming, yet it’s true respect you’re earning
But ultimately, favor of our God, the greatest yearning
And hearing His, “Well done!” Who really cares about what’s cool?

Track Name: The King Dreams
In the ancient land Chaldea
In the mind of a troubled king
Came a dream of power and meaning
Yet the dreamer forgot everything

But Another who dreams of our future
Will never forget what He sees
So let’s believe this Dreamer, please

The forgetter was Nebuchadnezzar
Who called his magicians in
But they couldn’t see much there
And they trembled with fear and chagrin

Oh, children, remember the Spirit
Who knows every dream we’ve dreamed
Who tells us we are highly esteemed

The King dreams, He sees the future
Our deliverance at last
The King dreams, when every dreamer fails
The King of dreams holds us fast

It’s His faith, the faith of Jesus
That inspires us to believe
In our brokenness
He sees us
As what we at last will be
The King dreams!

The astrologers asked for the dream first
The king knew they bargained for time
They said only the gods could interpret
That’s when the king lost his mind

And the King of all kings saw the drama
And heard the cruel death decree
And He knows how to save you and me

When Daniel heard of the sentence
To the God of heaven he pled
Then his God revealed the mystery
And he went to the king and said

And the King of the Cosmos painted
A dream in the hours of night
And shed in the mind of the prophet, light!

He believes in us, so we believe in Him
We have a future beyond this old world
Now tearing at the seams
Because the King dreams!

Track Name: The Statue
Daniel came before the king and as he spoke that day
The king’s lost memory began to play
He’d seen a statue in the night, a towering column
A prophecy of monarchies to come

And he saw a head of gold, chest and arms of silver
Belly and thighs of brass in the dream appeared
Legs of iron, feet of clay and iron
It was scary, it was shocking, it was frightening, knees were knocking
The effect was to disquiet, because no one could deny it, It was weird!

Daniel then interpreted, “You are this head of gold”
This is what the king had oft’ been told
But Daniel bravely ventured on, “Another king will come”
Touching on the silver chest and arms


“And then another,” Daniel said, referring to the thighs
And some would think his honesty not wise
But Daniel said unflinchingly,
“The iron legs come next
To trample out the power of the rest”


Daniel’s narrative went on, “The feet of iron and clay”
Never have they merged, still to this day
And finally, the kingdoms’ end, a stone randomly hurled
That crushed them all and grew to fill the world

Track Name: A Stone Without Hands
A stone without hands, cut out without hands
Not one bit of human devising
Crushes the kingdoms that cannot unite
Make way for this kingdom arising

Gold and silver, brass, iron and clay
Crushed out and shattered, like chaff blown away
A stone without hands, cut out without hands
The soon coming kingdom of God is that stone

A stone without hands, cut out without hands
Grew up to become a great mountain
Filled the whole earth and all others eclipsed
Forever destroying the proud one

Kings, they will rise up, and kings, they will fall
One King will one day abolish them all
A stone without hands, cut out without hands
Our soon coming kingdom of God is that stone without hands, cut out without hands
Our soon coming kingdom of God is that stone!
Track Name: See Messiah
Hananiah’s my name and I’m bound to dwell
In the city to which our fathers fell
And our king is upset over what he dreamed
Got the message but he didn’t like the theme
Heaven rules, it raises kings and lowers
But Neb’s been fooled, if he thinks his lasts forever

And so I pray You’ll prepare us now
To stand in the day every knee will bow
Bring us so close to You that if we face the fire, they can see Messiah!

“So Mishael,” they had said to me, “Did you hear?
About this law that is passing in days real near
How we must meet with the world on a certain day
And then bow to an image as music plays
To a beat that’s sure to please the senses
To make us kneel despite the consequences”


“Azariah!” loudly they called out my name
As we got up to walk to the plain
All these people must now take their stand
For the Lord or the laws of the land...
Well as for me, my face is flint, no retreat
For a man can die, but his-story can repeat

That’s why I pray You’ll prepare us now
To stand in the day every knee will bow
Bring us so close to You that You’re the one desire
So they can see Messiah as He walks us through the fire
Track Name: The Fourth Man
Nebuchadnezzar was flaming
Bound them from head to their toes
They said that their God could protect them
Into the furnace they go

He saw four men, four men in the fire!
Didn’t they throw in three?
And the fourth man, the fourth man in the fire
Looked like the Son of God!

Seven times hotter the flames rose
Killed the men who threw them in
Had no power over them though
Hair and clothes weren’t even singed

Chorus (X 2)

Looked like the Son of God!
He was the Son of God!
Track Name: I Saw a Tree
Listen to me people, I’ve got a tale
As tall as the trees and as true as I failed
God has done wonders, done wonders for me
He’s rescued my soul with visions and dreams

I saw a tree standing tall above the earth
And it gave food and shelter for the beasts and the birds
But they said, “Cut it down, cut it down, cut it down!
This high elevation has gone to his crown.”

Daniel my friend, he told it to me straight
“Oh king, cut it out and the axe may be stayed
Start living right man, look out for the least
Quit acting like one or you’ll end up a beast.”


I went down, I went down, I went down
And I crawled on all fours on the ground
Like an ox, I ate grass until seven times past
And I looked up at last…

I saw a tree standing tall above the earth
And it gave food and shelter for the beasts and the birds
And I looked up to heaven and I understood And I praise the Most High, for He’s just and He’s good
Oh, I praise the Most High, for He’s just and He’s good
Track Name: The Party
We were at the party
The King and Queen were there

A thousand lords with our hands in the air, we didn’t care
But we did inquire; it was our desire to know the words on the wall

Gold and silver taken from the temple
All the boys in the mix, all the girls with the drinks
Sipping down wine in the moment
Praise to the gods we’ve made
Praise to the gods who rave with us


Straight away the fingers of a human wrote
A flash came and brought an end to the senseless mirth
Faces pale, I was scared
Joints went slack, and knees went knocking

Yeah, the king, so desperate to know the meaning
“Bring them in!
The wise Chaldeans, sorcerers and all magicians”
He was so terrified
He even vowed rewards,
“You understand? Does anyone understand?”

The Queen spoke saying,
“I know, I know a man named Daniel
He has wisdom from heaven and knowledge and light
Maybe he could he could save this night”

I was at the party, I glorified myself
My days were numbered; I didn’t heed my convicted heart
Babylon is fallen, how these walls came down
Surrounded by all these Persian hoards, this is my last breath…
Track Name: Daniel in the Window
Daniel in the window, God looks down on you
Praying like a champion, lions preying too
Different kind of preying, though, Daniel in the window

Daniels in the window wind up in the den
Worship God and not men, ye women and men
Don’t expect a smooth ride, though, Daniels in the window

Daniel in the window, God looks down on you
Praying like a champion, lions preying too
Different kind of preying, though, Daniel in the window
Track Name: Oh, Daniel
Sleeping in the lions’ den
Conspiracy of evil men
Could find no fault in me
But for their pride and jealousy
They threw me in the lions’ den

They said, “Oh king, won’t you make a decree?
There’ll be no prayer to man or God but thee
And from thirty days now hence
The guilty’s recompense
Will be sleeping in that lions’ den”

Well, I got down on my knees to pray
Just like I always did three times each day
For my petition and my plea
They said I was guilty
And they threw me in that lions’ den

Daniel, oh Daniel! Lion of Judah on your side
Daniel, oh Daniel! Your Deliverer, He will not be denied

The king in sore distress and grief,
Well, he labored for to rescue me
But no earthly king can save
That old lions’ den’s a grave
No escaping from that lion’s den

And at last he said there is no hope for me
But for the God I serve continually
And a stone was brought and laid
At the mouth of that lions’ cave
He sealed me in the lions’ den


The king went to his royal bed
Well, he could not eat, sleep had fled
At the break of day he came
Made haste and called my name,
“Are you still in that lions’ den?”

Well I said, “Oh king, live eternally.
I was found blameless before God and thee
Well I trusted in His name
So an angel came
Shut the mouths inside that lions den.”


Well my Deliverer can deliver me
‘Cus just like me He was
Sent to death by evil men
Condemned without a cause
Three days three nights with a stone shut tight
In a tomb in the ground He lay
Through death He defeated the power of death
Conquered the enemy

So one morning soon and very soon
The King will call you from your tomb
That old roaring lion’s been slain
No more power in the grave
Delivered from that lion’s den


Just like Daniel, oh Daniel
Lion of Judah on our side
Daniel, just like Daniel
Our Deliverer, He will not be denied
My Deliverer, He will not be denied
Our Deliverer, He will not be denied
Track Name: The Little Horn Takes the Stage
Prophets portray the nations as creatures
So say the eschatology teachers
Drama played out, narrated by preachers, now

Many years after Nebuchadnezzar
Prophecy came, first year of Belshazzar
Wind on the sea, then four predators— Wow!

Lion with eagle wings, it towered
Lopsided bear, all others devoured
Four-headed leopard, it overpowered the bear

Then came the fourth, defying description
Crushing and cruel cold-blooded mission
From the ten horns, a little horn makes us stare
And the little horn takes the stage

Small things can become big things
Plucking out three kings, eyes of a man
And boasting, posturing, bragging
Rising up angry, that moment when
When the little horn takes the stage

Just at the moment evil comes raging
Calling an end to the wars and the waging
Who comes along and moves all the staging?— God!

Ancient of Days, white hair and white robe
River of fire flows from His white throne
Myriad angels, all of the globe is— Awed
When the little horn takes the stage

Big things can become small things
If they usurp the King of Kings and persecute saints
And tamper with God’s commandments
Claiming to be Him when he certainly ain’t
When the little horn takes the stage

Into the fire, you cruel persecutor
System of shame, you child abuser
Intending to change God’s holy seventh
Trampling the cross

Blaspheming heaven
You’re a bane to life on earth
A blight, a plague An ever-corrupting curse
Deceiving the world, but prophecy speaks
And we will know who you are
When the little horn takes the stage
Track Name: Son of Man
Our Judge and our Defender and He will not be ashamed
Of anyone who will trust Him and call upon His name

All people, all nations, all languages
Shall serve Him, the Son of Man
Dominion and glory and the kingdom forever is His

Children of God and joint heirs with our Savior, Lord, and King
We’ll be glorified together when we share in His sufferings


Hallelujah! Bless Your name, oh God!
And His kingdom will not pass away
Track Name: That Little Horn Again
In the third year of the reign of King Belshazzar
Daniel saw another vision one day
He was standing in Suza by the Ulai Canal
There was a two-horned ram in the way
It went west, it went north, it went south in his pride
It was oh, so narcissistic in heart
Then a goat came from the West with a horn between his eyes
And shattered the ram’s horns all apart

Now, walking on the ram, the goat puffed himself up
But his horn broke to make way for four
Then out of one horn—there he was—that little one He tried to knock, knock, knock down heaven’s door
He climbed up into heaven, swept some stars to the ground
He huffed and puffed and proudly said, “I will”
He took away the daily, threw the sanctuary down
Then trampled on the truth, yet prospered still

That little horn again!

Now Gabriel the angel called the prophet, “son of man”
But he passed out before his heavenly friend
Angel woke him up and told him, “I will help you understand
For the vision pertains to the time of the end”
He said, “The ram is Medo-Persia, the two horns the kings
The goat’s four horns are kings, too
At the end of their rule there will be another king
A manipulative destroyer through and through”

That little horn again!

“Now all the other kings, they lifted up themselves
But this one climbed higher than them all
And he fights the Prince of princes with the arsenal of hell
Till heaven’s forces push him off the wall”

The angel finished speaking, Daniel oh, so confused
He longed to see God’s people free at last
Now his hopes were interrupted by this little horn dude
He carried on, but kept thinkin’ ‘bout that bombast
That little horn again!
Track Name: Oh, Lord
Lord, great and marvelous
Keeping Your covenant
Merciful God, we have sinned
Chosen iniquity, we have done wickedly
Heritage cast to the wind

Promises broken, prophets ignored
All that You’ve spoken despised, oh Lord

Your temple lies in waste
Your people are disgraced
Turn now, for Your name’s sake
Not for our righteousness
But for Your righteousness
Because Your mercies are great!


Oh Lord, hear!
Oh Lord, forgive!
Oh Lord, listen and act!

Promises broken, prophets ignored
Hear what I’ve spoken, forgive, oh Lord
Track Name: In the Midst of the Week
Daniel in vision saw a work of evil
Twenty-three-hundred years then it would end
Wicked, the little horn who reigned a season
Then the sanctuary would be cleansed

All of God’s children wait, even prophets
Daniel, thirteen years seeking the Lord
Given the starting date, now we plot it
Finding Messiah Prince at its core

In the midst of the week
Ending sacrifice through His sacrifice
In mercy, bearing our justice
In the midst of the week
Ending offering, offering up His life
In the midst—trust it

Seventy years decreed for God’s nation
And the end, a week for the Prince
Then in the midst cut off, desolation
We have found His love ever since


We can trust it, trust the Word of God!

Trust it because Jesus is
In the middle of the twenty-three-hundred days
The seventieth week begins
In the same year Messiah the prince came
Messiah means anointed one
Jesus was anointed at baptism Twenty-seven AD,
then three-and-a-half years later, nailed to a tree

See, in the midst of the week, thirty-one AD, He bled for me
Then came the weeks’ termination, thirty-four AD ended the decree
Then when we track it backwards seventy weeks,
we get four-fifty-seven BC
Beginning of the twenty-three-hundred
Since He’s in the middle, we trust it

Track Name: Cut Off, but Not for Himself
A beautiful garden, a couple, the tree
A plan and a purpose for humanity
Creator in anguish, comes searching with cries
Blame and denial, fig leaves and lies

Cut off, but not for Himself, self. (x2) For you, for you, you.

A vision, a prophet, an angel, a word
A time of probation, a twist toward absurd
Anointed One comes forth the very last week
Then in the middle Messiah would be…

Cut off, but not for Himself, self. (x2) For you, for you, you. (x4) For you.
Track Name: I Want to See Jesus, Too
He was mourning for his people
Slaves in exile for all their sin
Then the dawning down by the river
Struck down and silent when he saw Him

Clothed in white, face like lightning
Gold and linen, His voice a choir Vision bright, Daniel trembling
Mercy and love in those eyes of fire

I want to see Jesus, too (x2)

Daniel fainted, angel touched him
Raised him up, said you are loved Fear not, for God has heard you
That’s the reason I have come

I want to see Jesus, too (x2)

We’re all looking for the Savior
We need, we bleed, we plead and pray
Desperate cries rise to the heavens
Between the lines I hear them say

“I want to see Jesus, too.” (x3) Don’t you?
Track Name: King of the North, King of the South
King of the North, king of the South
Fighting a war with muscle and mouth
King of the South, king of the North
Forever contending with wrath going forth
Caught in the midst, home of the blessed
Beautiful land, holy city, the people of God
King of the North, king of the South
Fighting a war with muscle and mouth

Here comes a story of war, greed, envy for more
Three kings came from Persia, Greece was leveled by the fourth
From Greece came a great king.
When he became deceased, his kingdom split into four parts:
North, South West, East
King of the South became strong, his prince became strong too
Stronger than the king until he conquered him
So king of the South tries a treaty, gives king of the North his daughter
But she’s given up and dropped with those who brought her and begot her
So she dies, but from her own line will arise a warrior slaughtering the North. It gets gorier...


King of the South had it, till the North brought havoc
King of the North stands in the glorious land, war in his hand
Throws his daughter at the South like a bomb, but she abandons him
King rises in his place that begins to tax Jerusalem
He’s replaced by a vile man who breaks the Prince of the Covenant
Coming in like a flood with a mouth full of lies South couldn’t hide
Stare in each other’s eyes, thinking they’re so wise
But the end comes at a set time only God decides
The North is enraged against the holy covenant
Sets up the abomination of desolation in place of God’s government
Saints fall, some remain, stay strong, suffer pain
Purified, made clean, till the time of the end
King of the North full of pride, pushed above every god
South attacks North, North attacks South
like a whirlwind who won’t be stopped
North will enter the Glorious Land, and some countries escape
News from the East moves him to be a beast enraged with hate
Pitched his tent ‘tween seas and the holy mountain
He’ll meet his end, be defeated
Not a soul will help him!
Track Name: When Michael Stands
Tell a tale about a time when
All the heroes and the hotheads
Would lead the world to war

All the payoffs and the power
Peace is fading by the hour
Crazed and crooked keeping score...

Then Michael stands! (x4)

All dominion in his right hand
Servant Priest will take the command
Mercy mixed with might
Those who slumber in the ground rise
Men and woman who have been wise
Like the cloudless night

All that’s crooked will be made straight
Love will finally overcome hate

The testing time will end
See the saints who wear the starlight
Glow with promise of a new life
The dead in Christ ascend...When Michael stands! (x4)


The book is filled with names of those
Who’ve helped the wanderer find their way
The trumpet sounds and Prince-Protector opens up the graves!

When Michael stands! (x4)


See the saints who wear the starlight
Glow with promise of a new life
When Michael stands!
Track Name: Go Your Way
Go your way

I looked and I saw, there stood two others
One on each side of the river
One said to the man above the waters
How long till the end of the wonders?
He said, “A time, times, and a half a time
Until the power of the holy people’s shattered”

“Go your way, Daniel”

I asked the man who stood above the waters
How will things finally end up?
I heard him say, “Daniel, go your way
These words are veiled until the final days”
“Go your way, Daniel”

Go your way, go your way, Daniel
I know that you want to know all the truth, but go your way, Daniel
Don’t worry now, all you need to do is go your way, Daniel

“Many will be purged and purified
While wicked men know deception
They take the daily, raising high
Abomination of desolation
There will be 1290 days
Blessed are they who wait till the 1335 days”


“It’s not for you now to understand the meaning
But at the time of the end, the wise will know
Daniel, for now, you need to go—go your way”


Go your way and you’ll find in Me
A peace that abides forever
Life that’s ending never
You’ll rest your eyes, but then you’ll rise
When I come in My glory
Wrap up this earth’s story—go your way.

Go your way
Go your way, Daniel